Traditional Rajasthani Bajre ki khichdi

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One of the biggest attractions of Rajasthan during the winter season is the famous traditional Bajre ki khichdi not only because of its taste but also the benefits. So here are some of its benefits along with the oldest, simple and traditional recipe of Rajasthani Bajre ki khichdi. Explore the rich cuisine of Rajasthan.

Benefits of Bajra

  • Rich in Iron, Phosphorus, Protein, Vitamin.
  • Very high content of Calcium and Fiber.
  • Good for diabetic patient. Also helps in maintaining haemoglobin level

Ingredients for Bajre ki khichdi

  • 250 gms- Bajra
  • 100 gms- Moong Dal (Green gram) or Moot Dal
  • 50 gms- Ghee
  • 1 spoon- Salt
  • 2 kg- Water

Ingredients of Bajre ki khichdi

How to make Rajasthani Traditional Bajre ki khichdi

  • Put the bajra in a mortar and beat it, make it coarse or to make it easier, grind it in a grinder, remove the husk.
  • Now add either Moong Dal or Moot Dal in it.
  • Take a pressure cooker, add water in it and boil it.
  • In the boiling water add ghee and salt.
  • Now slowly add the mixture of bajra and dal in the cooker and stir it properly for 5-7min to avoid the formation of clumps.
  • Close the pressure cooker after 1 whistle slow down the gas flame wait for 10 min. Open the cooker only after all the steam is out.

Bajre ki khichdi is ready, serve it with ghee, curd, jaggery to add more flavour to it.

Tip – In case your Bajre ki khichdi gets thickened add hot water in it and mix it properly.

Serve Bajre ki khichdi with ghee to add more flavour

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