How to make Ghee & Butter (Makkhan) from milk cream(Malai) at home?

For recipe in Hindi click here – दूध की मलाई से मक्खन व घी बनाना |How to make Ghee & Butter from milk cream at home

Want to know how you can make Butter(Makkhan), Buttermilk and Pure Desi Ghee from a single ingredient i.e, milk cream(Malai). Always wondering about which is actual Desi Ghee available in the market and which is not. Here is a very simple recipe of the most healthy things one must involve in their daily life.

How to make Butter (Makkhan) from Milk Cream (Malai)

Ingredients for Butter:

  • Milk cream (Malai)
  • Curd

Recipe of Butter (Makkhan) from Milk Cream:

  • To make Butter (Makkhan) from full cream milk at home, gather the cream (malai) of the milk in a bowl.
  • For this heat up the milk, let it chill off and refrigerate it. When the milk chills off a thick layer of cream will show up over the milk.
  • Take out the cream and keep it in a bowl and store it in the refrigerator. In like manner, collect the milk cream for 5-6 days.
  • Take out the cream bowl and add 1 spoon of curd in the milk cream and allow it to ferment for 6-7 hours before the time you are wanting to make butter.
  • When the cream achieves the room temperature, place it in a blending container. Pour 1 glass water in 1 bowl cream. Use cold water in summers and lukewarm water in winters.
  • Turn on the blender. In couple of minutes the butter will be gathered above the surface leaving the buttermilk (matha) at the base.
  • If you don’t see the same as above, turn on the blender once again. Take out the butter from the container put it in a bowl.

Butter – You can eat this butter with bread or paratha also can use it to make a cake.

Buttermilk – The buttermilk obtained from the above procedure can be used in different vegetables and cuisines, drink it by adding masala to it. Also, this buttermilk can be used for hair care routines and to wash bronze utensils.

How to make Desi Ghee from Milk Cream (Malai)

For recipe in hindi click here – दूध की मलाई से मक्खन व घी बनाना

Ingredients for Ghee:

  • Butter
  • Curd

Recipe of Desi Ghee from Milk Cream(Malai) :

  • For making ghee, heat butter in a kadhayi. While warming the butter, continue mixing it for 2 minutes to keep it from burning.
  • When the butter liquefies and starts to boil , turn the fire at low-medium. Keep steady beware of the ghee and continue stirring it.
  • At the point when the ghee and milk solids isolates out, the ghee will form a transparent layer above. Turn off the fire.
  • When the ghee cools down at room temperature strain it out through a fine sieve in a different vessel.
  • This desi ghee can be utilized in dals, roti, sabzi, poori, paranthas or sweets(ladoo, barfi, gulab jamun, etc).

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